Panasonic Global

Environmental Contribution

In line with our company environmental policy, we continuously strive to establish as well as to achieve our environmental objectives and targets that we set out for ourselves in the areas of energy conservation by reducing CO2 emissions, water conservation, waste minimization, recycling programs, and renewable energy generation. In 2016, PFSAP installed solar panels as its effort towards environmentally friendly power generation. We have been awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management System since 1997 as we strive to be the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the electronics industry by 2018. We are constantly seeking out new ways to make our products greener through R&D engineering enhancement activities. In addition, we adopt green procurement, RoHS compliance and chemical substance management to further ensure that our products are eco-friendly.


Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific (PFSAP) is fully committed and pledged to promote environmental protection activities and awareness among employees, involving them to continuously work towards implementing measures to improve the environmental performance.

In implementing this policy, we are committed to:

• Ensure our activities, products and services comply with the environmental legislation and regulations and the requirements of Panasonic Corporation, Japan.

• Establish and achieve our environmental objectives and targets.

• Formulate and review environmental procedures to ensure effective support of the environmental management system.

• Promote actively and ensure prudent use of materials such as oil, coolant and utilities so as to prevent pollution and minimize wastage.

• Communicate our Environmental Policy to our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers and make it available to the interested parties upon request.