Manufacturing (Assembly)

Producing high-speed and high-precision factory automation machines, the department helps global customers to meet their expectations.

Parts Manufacturing

We acquire relevant cutting-edge technology to facilitate local manufacturing, producing cost-efficient and competitive critical parts that our Panasonic machines require globally.

Production Control

Production Control helps to coordinate all the internal production and sales requirements to realise the final product to be delivered to our customers in the shortest possible time.

Research & Development

We do extensive research to create and apply the latest technology into our manufacturing process. Our unique software is customised for our machines with one aim in mind: to aid customers to fully utilise our machines and ensure high production levels.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance department ensures that only products of highest quality are shipped out of PFSAP. We have been awarded the ISO9001 Quality Management System since 1994 and have been audited regularly in accordance to international standards to maintain the quality standard of our products.

Purchasing & Procurement

The department plays a major part in sourcing globally to get the best value and price, so customers can be assured that only the best goes into our machines.

Warehousing Control

Our warehouse has the facilities to support our manufacturing and spare parts requirements. We are able to ensure parts and components availability for assembling our FA and Devices machines, so as to meet our customers' delivery requirements with speed and flexibility.